Synth or Real Performers for your project?

There's nothing that helps convey the emotional potential of dramatic visual elements 

or well written words better than
a real human musical performance.

Having firmly planted our flag on this question, there are some good reasons to produce final music with sequencers, samplers and synths. 

We have a large collection of the latest-greatest.

But don't be surprised if we find a way for a few real humans to add a little spontaneity and soul to the musical performances we create for you.

Big Studio or Little Studio?
TCM provides ample space to record singing groups, small ensembles and for pre and post production prep, mixing and mastering. The latest digital recording, mixing and editing toys are here for your work.

For larger ensembles, TCM has experience at a wide variety of recording spaces throughout the US and can tailor the recording space and ensemble size to the acoustic and financial goals of your project. 

Union or Buy-Out?

We can provide contracting and guidance regarding your ownership relation to final music and work.

We can provide signatory services for a variety of AFM, SAG and AFTRA agreements and can also provide work-for-hire, buy-out performances. 

Ask about specifics. 

Vocal Demos and Voice-Over Recording?
We do great vocal recording, editing and production.

With a very nice microphone collection, mic pres, compressors, EQs, Melodyne pitch correction 

and all the rest.

 We can begin with a good vocal performance and
make it sound polished, final and impressive!


We coach and encourage singers who may be new to the recording studio process to achieve their best.

Our sessions are always fun!