Demos, Bids and Fee Information

 We tailor our fee for services 

to the requirements of your work.

Fee components will include a creative fee,  

a fee for out-of-pocket costs, and a fee for the proposed use or ownership of the
final materials we deliver for your use.

We offer substantial discounts for large projects, 

for broadcast and film projects and for 

our valued repeat business clients.

When it is possible to award work to TCM 

without demo competition, 

the cost of demo production is included 

in the project bid without additional charge.

Demos requested for bake-off competition 

between TCM and other music production companies will be billed according to your requirements 

for our time and services.

Bids are free!

We can work backward from your music budget amount, describing the services and materials to be provided within your budget. We can also work forward from your description of requested music deliverables to send you our music budget proposal.

We are always eager to work 

and have a ton of fun while we work!

‚ÄčLet us know what you need.